End of Current Thoughts on Trade

Over the last 33 months, I have enjoyed posting my thought on various trade developments at the WTO, in the U.S., EU and elsewhere n the world. To date, there have been 421 posts. I have been pleasantly surprised that my posts have been seen around the world (the statistics say in 201 countries or territories), and I have appreciated the comments received from government officials, trade practitioners and academics on my posts over that time. So whether you have been a regular reader of my posts or have read or seen only one or a few, thanks for your interest.

While I may occasionally add a post, my efforts will largely cease as of today, July 14, 2022. There are no shortages of trade developments and important challenges for the global trading system at present and for the foreseeable future. For those participating in or monitoring developments and addressing challenges, I hope that global trade will contribute to sustainable development and improved opportunities for all. There is no shortage of excellent reporting and in depth writing from many publications, think tanks and individuals.

For myself, whether writing occasionally about the developments and challenges or simply observing from afar, I will continue to have a strong interest in the global trading system and the role of key countries in the system. Being an American and having practiced law in the U.S., I remain highly interested in the U.S. system and the efforts to ensure that trade benefits all in fact and contributes to addressing the pressing challenges of today and tomorrow.

Terence P. Stewart


Terry – Your contribution to U.S. (and global) trade policy over the years has been enormous. Current thoughts have been a valuable contribution to the trade debate and your leadership through Stewart and Stewart over the years amazing. Well done! Judge Morris

Juscelino Filgueiras Colares July 14, 2022 at 9:59 am

Thank you very much Terry for your enlightening posts. They will be missed. I read them daily and learned a lot from them. Please include me in your future eventual postings, and God bless you.

Juscelino Filgueiras Colares.

Dear Terence, We should all be thanking you for untangling many complex questions for us over the last three years. I’ve hugely enjoyed reading your commentaries.

Please stay well and in good health.

Terry, Thanks so much for having shared your deep insights over the months. One could hardly have imagined a more volatile time in need of insights! Trust all is well. Best, Jim

Dear Terry, Thank you for your very interesting commentaries over these three years.

Thank you, Terry. I will very much miss reading your excellent and incisive analyses.

I have appreciated the research that you have put into each of your blogs. During this latest supply chain shortage, I looked forward to reading your insights as to what was causing the issue. I will miss your blogs. Many Thanks,

Terry the Steelworkers union could not be more appreciative of the work you’ve done for us over the years and the counsel you’ve provided. I’ve learned a lot from your thoughts and they’ve been very helpful. Take care my friend. Tom Conway, USW


Congrats on a fine run. I learned a lot from your presentations at GBD and other events, as well as your comprehensive blog posts. You’ve written and spoken on so many aspects of international engagement (or disengagement) — amazing how you’ve kept up with all of the developments during the past several years! Bastille Day is a good time to declare victory and move on. I do hope you’ll continue to share your observations from time to time. But mostly I hope you will find joy in every day to come.

All the best,

Joanne Thornton

Terry – Thanks so much for your immense contribution to global understanding of US trade policy. I, for one, have greatly benefited from your insights. Best, Dennis

Terry – I have enjoyed and benefitted from your wise and balanced insights on international trade developments. I’ll miss them. All the best, Tom Graham

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