Table of Contents

July 14, 2022:  End of Current Thoughts on Trade

July 5, 2022:  U.S. Presidential Proclamation of June 27, 2022 increases duties on imports from Russia on hundreds of 8-digit HS categories of merchandise

June 28, 2022:  Action of G7 on Food Security and Fact Sheet from White House

June 27, 2022:  The global food insecurity crisis — efforts to reduce the crisis and avoid widespread social unrest

June 17, 2022:  WTO’s 12th Ministerial Conference — some successes after a difficult five plus days

June 11, 2022:  WTO 12th Ministerial Conference — Draft documents forwarded to Ministers for Consideration; a review of the Fisheries Subsidies latest text

June 9, 2022:  The WTO’s 12th Ministerial Conference starts in three days – will modest results yet be possible?

June 8, 2022:  Biden Administration makes moves to increase domestic production of various green energy products while providing a two-year exemption from duties for solar cells and panels from selected countries not currently subject to trade remedies

May 31, 2022:  European Council May 30-31, 2022 Meeting — finally EU sanctions on most Russian oil; food security from Russian invasion of Ukraine remains problematic

May 24, 2022:  How severe is the food security challenge?

May 17, 2022:  “The Future of the World Trade Organization” a virtual event by the Bipartisan Policy Center, discussion of dispute settlement

May 16, 2022:  Wheat prices spike following Indian export ban

May 15, 2022:  India bans exports of wheat, complicating efforts to address global food security problems posed by Russia’s war in Ukraine

May 11, 2022:  Less than five weeks to the WTO’s 12th Ministerial Conference — what are likely deliverables?

May 9, 2022:  Latest round of sanctions against Russia and Belarus for unprovoked war against Ukraine

May 4, 2022:  Access to vaccines – the public release of the text from the U.S., EU, India and South Africa to the full WTO Membership for consideration by the Council for Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights

May 3, 2022:  Aiding Ukraine economically — EU’s efforts to suspend all tariffs and antidumping duties for a year on imports from Ukraine; will others make similar efforts?

May 1, 2022:  Financial Times article from May 1, 2022 reaffirms current excess capacity for COVID-19 vaccines

April 30, 2022:  World Trade Organization 12th Ministerial Conference — the possible response to the COVID-19 pandemic amid the declining demand for vaccines

April 28, 2022:  WTO Reform and the 12th Ministerial Conference — What Is likely on Dispute Settlement?

April 23, 2022:  The WTO’s upcoming 12th Ministerial Conference to be held in Geneva the week of June 13, 2022 — What can be expected in the current geopolitical environment?

April 19, 2022:  Recent estimates of global effects from Russian invasion of Ukraine

April 14, 2022:  Challenging China’s Trade Practices — What Role for the WTO?

April 11, 2022:  Additional trade and financial sanctions imposed on Russian Federation as evidence of atrocities in Ukraine by Russian soldiers mounts

April 5, 2022:  WTO Dispute Settlement in 2022 — to date (April 5, 2022) European Union is only WTO Member to file new disputes

March 30, 2022:  Food security challenges posed by the Russian invasion of Ukraine

March 26, 2022:  Blockage of Accession of Belarus to WTO, additional sanctions on Russia and other recent developments

March 20, 2022:  Banned imports, higher tariffs, other actions by trading partners as Russia and Belarus lose most favored nation treatment by G-7 countries and EU during the conflict in Ukraine

March 17, 2022:  Possible Compromise on Access to Vaccines — draft understanding between EU, US, South Africa and India

March 15, 2022:  Despite the China-Russian Federation Relationship, is supporting Russia in China’s economic interest?

March 15, 2022:  A global trading system without the Russian Federation (and other autocratic states?) – what the fallout from the Russian invasion of Ukraine may mean for global trade

March 13, 2022:  Additional trade and other sanctions imposed by G-7 and EU countries on Russia and Belarus on March 11, 2022

March 9, 2022:  U.S. joins Canada in banning imports of Russian oil and gas; EU announces plan to drastically reduce reliance on Russian gas; United Kingdom will phase out imports of oil and gas from Russia by end of 2022; Australian oil companies stop purchasing Russian oil.

March 6, 2022L  The 2022 Trade Policy Agenda of the President of the United States

March 5, 2022:  Joint letter from European Union and United States on removing the Russian Federation from the WTO Developed Countries Coordinating Group

March 4, 2022:  Removal of MFN benefits for goods from Russia and Belarus — Canada moves first; Ukraine applies economic embargo on Russia; EU and US consider removal of MFN benefits

March 2, 2022:  A former Appellate Body Chair argues WTO Members have the ability to remove the Russian Federation from WTO Membership; other proposals to strip MFN benefits from Russia and services restrictions

February 28, 2022:  Trade sanctions following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

February 22, 2022:  Addressing Medical Waste as Part of the Global Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

February 21, 2022:  USTR’s 2021 Review of Notorious Markets for Counterfeiting and Piracy

February 21, 2022:  The European Union’s February 18, 2022 request for consultations with China over China’s “anti-suit injunctions” in intellectual property disputes and its failure to publish decisions and respond to EU inquiries

February 21, 2022:  The EU – AU Summit and the promise of a resolution to the WTO pandemic response package

February 16, 2022:  Building Vaccine Capacity in Africa – Exciting News from BioNTech

February 16, 2022:  USTR’s 2021 Report to Congress on China’s WTO Compliance — a recognition that all of China’s distortions to competition cannot be dealt with within the WTO

February 14, 2022:  Dispute Settlement Reform at the WTO — What Needs to Precede Negotiations?

February 13, 2022:  February 10, 2022 release of ILO report and subsequent U.S. State Department press release on forced labor and other human rights issues in Xinjiang Autonomous Region of China

February 11, 2022:  Stopping imports made in whole or in part from forced labor — U.S. law and the looming challenge on goods made from cotton and polysilicon


February 5, 2022:  The WTO’s efforts to address the COVID-19 pandemic — will Members reach agreement by the end of February?

January 30, 2022:  Recent National Public Radio story, “Africa may have reached the pandemic’s holy grail,” raises interesting questions on a country’s age distribution and ability to get past the pandemic stage with lower vaccination rates

January 28, 2022:  The trade and investment restrictions flowing from censorship — a recent U.S. International Trade Commission Report and the implications for the ongoing Joint Statement Initiative on E-Commerce

January 27, 2022:  WTO Arbitration Report on China’s challenge to U.S. countervailing duty investigations — while retaliation is much smaller than China sought, core problems with original Appellate Body decision flags challenge to restoring the Dispute Settlement binding process

January 27, 2022:  The European Union requests consultations with China at the WTO for restrictions on Lithuanian goods imposed by China

January 25, 2022:  WTO negotiations on agriculture — slow if any progress to date

January 23, 2022:  COVID-19 Omicron variant – hopeful signs of peaking in the U.S. and Europe; supply disruptions continue from zero tolerance policy in China

January 17, 2022:  Cybertheft of intellectual property – do there need to be greater trade deterrents?

January 16, 2022:  Is it time for a new approach to bilateral trade with China?

January 11, 2022:  WTO efforts to address the COVID-19 pandemic — the January 10, 2022 General Council meeting and some current developments of interest

January 9, 2022:  How to Make Trade Work for Working Men and Women in 2022 — changing the status quo is needed but unrealistic in the near future

January 7, 2022:  China’s “bullying” of Lithuania — a repeating story inconsistent with WTO rules

January 5, 2022:  The Russian Federation’s compliance with WTO obligations — the recent USTR Report

December 30, 2021:  COVID-19 and vaccine equity — outlook for 2022

December 29, 2021:  WTO Dispute Settlement — What the Recently Adopted Panel Report on United States – Antidumping and Countervailing Duties on Ripe Olives from Spain says about the existing dispute settlement system and about needed WTO reforms

December 19, 2021:  Forced labor and trade — U.S. Congress passes legislation to address China’s treatment of Uyghurs

December 11, 2021:  20 Years of China’s Membership in the WTO — a brief critique

December 6, 2021:  Conclusion of Joint Statement Initiative on Services Domestic Regulation — a win for the WTO and services trade

November 29, 2021:  Postponement of the WTO’s 12th Ministerial Conference, continued efforts to increase vaccinations

November 23, 2021:  WTO-IMF COVID-19 Vaccine Trade Tracker provides useful information in analyzing vaccine equity

November 22, 2021:  Trade and Health at the WTO’s 12th Ministerial Conference

November 18, 2021:  Will there be another extension of the WTO Moratorium on customs duties on e-commerce — expanding global trade or creating additional barriers

November 17, 2021:  The role of plurilaterals in the WTO’s future.

November 15, 2021:  The folly of self-selection as a developing country at the WTO.

November 10, 2021:  The APEC 2021 Ministerial Meeting Joint Statement — portion relevant to WTO 12th Ministerial Meeting

November 9, 2021:  WTO Fisheries Subsidies Negotiations — a second revised text from November 8 holds out hope for a deal by MC12; how realistic is the hope?

November 4, 2021:  The WTO and the environment — will the 2020s be different in terms of trade policies that are environmentally supportive?

November 2, 2021:  What does the U.S.-EU Agreement on steel and aluminum imply for the upcoming 12th WTO Ministerial Conference?

October 30, 2021:  WTO reform — distortions to market access and the need for better information

October 21, 2021:  UPDATE:  WTO Trade Policy Review Press Releases Corrected to Include Full Secretariat and Government Reports in reviews of the Republic of Korea and China

October 20, 2021:  WTO reduces transparency of Trade Policy Reviews — what is the possible justification?

October 16, 2021:  What role China could play in WTO reform — possibilities are real but chances of a positive role are not

October 15, 2021:  The G20 Trade and Investment Ministerial Statement of October 12 and Amb. Tai’s comments on the WTO from October 14 –the ongoing divide among major Members makes a meaningful WTO MC12 less likely

October 12, 2021: See WTO Information Notes on COVID-19 Vaccine Production and Potential Bottlenecks

October 8, 2021: The gap between WTO activity and the needs of businesses and workers for the international trading system

October 4, 2021:  The Indo-Pacific region — increased interest in the CPTPP by major trading nations; implications for international trade; U.S. policy towards China

September 30, 2021:  The WTO Dispute Settlement System — What Member Comments on the Recent Panel Decision in United States – Safeguard Measure on Import on Crystaline Silicon Photovoltaic Products Say about the Need for Reform

The WTO Dispute Settlement System — What Member Comments on the Recent Panel Decision in United States – Safeguard Measure on Import on Crystaline Silicon Photovoltaic Products Say about the Need for Reform

September 29, 2021:  U.S. Department of Commerce commences a national security investigation under Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962, as amended, on NdFeB permanent magnet imports

U.S. Department of Commerce commences a national security investigation under Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962, as amended, on NdFeB permanent magnet imports

September 27, 2021:  Global efforts to expand COVID-19 vaccine production and distribution — an all hands on deck effort being led by the U.S. and EU with active support of many governments and others

Global efforts to expand COVID-19 vaccine production and distribution — an all hands on deck effort being led by the U.S. and EU with active support of many governments and others.

September 24, 2021: Modifications to U.S. Commerce Department Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Regulations — important improvements on selected topics

Modifications to U.S. Commerce Department Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Regulations — important improvements on selected topics

September 20, 2021: The WTO panel report on the U.S. safeguard case on Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Products — a well reasoned report but exemplifying the challenges that China’s non-market economy and policies pose to global trade

The WTO panel report on the U.S. safeguard case on Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Products — a well reasoned report but exemplifying the challenges that China’s non-market economy and policies pose to global trade

September 18, 2021: The WTO’s 12th Ministerial Conference in Late November – early December 2021 — the struggle for relevance

The WTO’s 12th Ministerial Conference in Late November – early December 2021 — the struggle for relevance

May 17, 2021:  U.S. – EU efforts to resolve bilateral disputes and address underlying trade distortive practices

May 14, 2021:  COVID-19 Vaccines — Bolivia seeks a compulsory license to produce a vaccine in a third country

May 13, 2021:  WTO Fisheries Subsidies Agreement negotiations — the Chair’s May 11 text and the road to the July 15 virtual TNC meeting with trade ministers

May 10, 2021:  World Trade Organization — possible deliverables for the 12th Ministerial Conference to be held in Geneva November 30-December 3, 2021

May 6, 2021:  COVID-19 vaccines — role of WTO and developments at May 5-6, 2021 General Council meeting on TRIPS Waiver

May 4, 2021:  WTO Director-General Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala announces selection of four Deputy Directors-General

May 1, 2021:  Alan Wolff’s vision for saving the WTO — aspirational but is it achievable?

April 29, 2021:  COVID-19 — Efforts to help India during its current surge of cases, hospitalizations and deaths

April 27, 2021:  WTO and forced labor in cotton — Commentary by Amb. Dennis Shea, former Deputy U.S. Trade Representative

April 25, 2021:  The U.S.-China Phase 1 Trade Agreement — Purchases of goods and services by China continue to lag dramatically behind commitments

April 24, 2021:  WTO Fisheries Subsidies Negotiations — a push to complete negotiations by July

April 22, 2021:  The importance of addressing “overreach” in reforming the WTO Appellate Body

April 19, 2021:  WTO Dispute Settlement — scheduled April 28, 2021 Dispute Settlement Body meeting is a go?

April 18, 2021:  President Biden nominates two to be Deputy U.S. Trade Representatives in important step to fill some of the important vacancies at USTR

April 18, 2021:  WTO’s April 14th virtual meeting to review COVID-19 vaccine availability

April 17, 2021:  Japan’s Prime Minister Suga’s visit to the United States — agreements on a range of important topics

April 16, 2021:  U.S. Department of the Treasury Semi-Annual Report on Trading Partner Currency Practices — a change from the December 2020 Report

April 16, 2021:  USTR speech on trade and the environment, April 15, 2021

April 13, 2021:  April 15, 2021 — U.S and Gavi co-host event for additional funding for COVAX amid concerns about two workhorse vaccines for COVAX

April 11, 2021:  Global agricultural trade — U.S. efforts at the WTO to expand agricultural trade

April 8, 2021:  COVAX delivers COVID-19 vaccines to 100th country; India surge in infections likely to reduce product availability for COVAX through May and likely longer

April 8, 2021:  USTR 2021 National Trade Estimate Report on Foreign Trade Barriers — areas of concern with a focus on China

April 6, 2021:  IMF April World Economic Outlook, IMF and World Bank Spring Meetings and U.S. efforts on global access to vaccines

April 5, 2021:  Recent G7 Trade Ministers Meeting — WTO issues of interest

April 2, 2021:  Global vaccinations against COVID-19; developments and challenges in the roll-out for many countries

April 1, 2021:  Biden Administration continues treatment of Hong Kong as no longer autonomous from China, inter alia, for purposes of marking of products

March 31, 2021:  When will WTO DG Okonjo-Iweala reveal choices for Deputy Directors-General?

March 31, 2021:  “Blowing up the trading system” — Clyde Prestowitz’s suggested way for the world to move forward in light of China’s economic system

March 29, 2021:  China and the WTO – remarks by Dennis C. Shea to the Coalition for a Prosperous America

March 28, 2021:  U.S. blocks inclusion of Venezuelan request for panel on U.S. sanctions at WTO, Dispute Settlement Body meeting of March 26, 2021 postponed

March 27, 2021:  U.S. Section 301 investigations on digital services taxes by trading partners — USTR seeks public comment on proposed tariffs in six of ten investigations and terminates investigations on Brazil, the Czech Republic, the European Union and Indonesia

March 25, 2021:  Global vaccinations for COVID-19 — continued supply chain and production issues and a new wave of infections in many countries delay greater ramp up for some until late in the second quarter of 2021

March 24, 2021:  When human rights violations create trade distortions — the case of China’s treatment of the Uyghurs in Xinjiang

March 22, 2021:  Seafood obtained from illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing — U.S. International Trade Commission report on estimated imports into the U.S.

March 20, 2021:  The U.S.-China Phase 1 Trade Agreement under the Biden Administration

March 19, 2021:  U.S. files appeal at the WTO from panel report in case brought by the Republic of Korea — United States — Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Duties on Certain Products and the Use of Facts Available (DS539)

March 19, 2021:  WTO reform — trade and environment issues to be examined should include addressing ocean/sea trawling effects on carbon capture/release

March 17, 2021:  Katherine Tai confirmed by Senate as United States Trade Representative

March 16, 2021:  Trade actions in the United States under Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962 (national security) — Congressional efforts to amend U.S. law

March 15, 2021:  Climate change and a border tax — will the U.S. and EU have a unified position at the WTO in 2021?

March 12, 2021:  COVID-19 vaccines – U.S., Japan, India and Australia agree to one billion doses for Indo-Pacific countries

March 12, 2021:  The 8-9 March  “Global C19 Vaccine Supply Chain and Manufacturing Summit” – efforts to ramp-up production

March 11, 2021:  “No Quick Fixes for WTO Dispute Settlement Reform” — a skeptical view by the former Deputy USTR of the EU’s willingness to address core U.S. concerns

March 10, 2021:  Today’s webinar hosted by Georgetown Law’s Institute for International Economic Law “Rethinking the WTO:  Opportunity for Transatlantic Cooperation” — many areas for likely cooperation; some important challenges

March 9, 2021:  WTO Director-General Okonjo-Iweala’s statement on International Women’s Day, a broader read on gender equality; U.S., EU and New Zealand actions and statements

March 9, 2021:  The Biden Administration should join the Joint Statement Initiatives that it is not presently party to

March 8, 2011:  March 8, 2021, International Women’s Day — statements of UN Women Executive Director,  heads of WTO, UNCTAD and International Trade Centre, and U.S. Executive Orders and Statement by President Biden

March 6, 2021:  WTO’s four Deputy Directors-General tenure reportedly concludes at the end of March 2021 — thanks for an outstanding job

March 5, 2021:  COVID-19 vaccines — France supports Italy’s blockage of a shipment to Australia; while Australia has asked the EU to permit the shipment, Australia will have its own production of AstraZeneca product by the end of March

March 5, 2021:  U.S. and EU issue joint statement suspending for four months retaliatory tariffs from large civil aircraft WTO disputes (Airbus-Boeing)

March 4, 2021:  Italy blocks exports of COVID-19 vaccines to Australia, first blockage of export authorization by the EU or its member states

March 4, 2021:  The EU’s response to challenges to its actions on COVID-19 vaccine exports

March 4, 2021, First step in resolving the Airbus-Boeing WTO dispute — U.K. and U.S. announce four month suspension of retaliatory tariffs effective March 4, 2021

March 3, 2021:  WTO Director-General opinion piece in the Financial Times and recent actions by the U.S.

March 2, 2021:  Katherine Tai, USTR designate, on addressing WTO reform including dispute settlement if confirmed; the USTR 2021 Trade Policy Agenda

March 1, 2021:  WTO Director-General Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala’s opening statement at the March 1 General Council meeting

February 27, 2021:  Intellectual Property and Innovation:  Making MSMEs competition in green tech

February 26, 2021:  WTO Director-General Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala’s first week on the job starts with a two day General Council meeting

February 25, 2021:  U.S. Trade Representative nominee Katherine Tai confirmation hearing before the U.S. Senate Finance Committee

February 24, 2021:  Roadmap for a renewed U.S.-Canada Partnership – implications for WTO initiatives

February 24, 2021:  Launch of the Silverado Policy Accelerator

February 23, 2021:  WTO Dispute Settlement Body meeting of February 22, 2021 — panels authorized in two matters; impasse on the Appellate Body remains

February 22, 2021:  An early test for the incoming WTO Director-General — helping Members get the Fisheries Subsidies negotiations to a conclusion

February 20, 2021:  Will India and South Africa (and others) prevent future relevance of the WTO?

February 19, 2021:  COVAX’s efforts to distribute COVID-19 vaccines  to low- and middle income countries — additional momentum received from G-7 virtual meeting

February 18, 2021:  The European Commission’s 18 February 2021 Trade Policy Review paper and Annex — WTO reform and much more proposed

February 17, 2021:  The amended European Union enforcement regulation — hypocrisy or a reasonable move?

February 16, 2021:  Special Session of the General Council at WTO appoints Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala as the seventh Director-General

February 13, 2021:  Leadership change at the WTO — with Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala’s arrival next week, what support team and early changes in the role of the Secretariat could help WTO Members move forward?

February 12, 2021:  U.S. decides not to modify retaliation list of goods from WTO dispute with EU on Airbus subsidies

February 9, 2021:  WTO Special General Council meeting called for 3 p.m. on February 15, 2021 to consider appointment of a Director-General

February 8, 2021:  Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala  — a review of her statements on important issues before the WTO ahead of her being confirmed as the Director-General

February 6, 2021:  U.S.-China Phase I Trade Agreement – data through December 2020; China has increased purchases of agricultural and energy products above 2017 levels but did not reach first year agreed purchases in 2020 and won’t reached the agreed level even if measured from March 2020-February 2021

February 5, 2021:  Biden Administration throws support behind Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala for next Director-General of the World Trade Organization

February 5, 2021:  WTO Director-General selection process — withdrawal of Korea’s Trade Minister Yoo important step to consensus behind Nigeria’s Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

February 3, 2021:  COVID-19 agricultural fall out — higher prices for many consumers and greater food insecurity

February 2, 2021:  Early trade action by Biden Administration — reinstating aluminum duties on imports from the United Arab Emirates

February 1, 2021:  The EU’s export authorization requirement for COVID-19 vaccines — contrary to their oft repeated position of maintaining open markets during the pandemic

January 30, 2021: The WTO Informal Ministerial of January 29, 2021 — hope for progress at the WTO in 2021


January 27, 2021:  Recent WTO report on services trade and January 2021 International Monetary Fund World Economic Outlook Update — the future growth depends on vaccinations of peoples around the world

January 26, 2021:  Letter from variety of former U.S. officials to President Biden urges U.S. support for Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala as next WTO Director General

January 25, 2021:  Child labor and forced labor in cotton production — is there a current WTO mandate to identify and quantify the distortive effects?

January 24, 2021:  Forced labor and child labor – a continued major distortion in international trade for some products

January 23, 2021:  WTO and the World Food Programme – action by 79 Members after a failed December effort at the General Council

January 21, 2021:  The Biden Administration’s efforts to rein in the COVID-19 pandemic start as global new cases tops ten million over the last two weeks for the first time

January 19, 2021:  Malaysia files a request for consultations with the European Union and Certain Member States on certain measures concerning palm oil and oil palm crop-based biofuels at the WTO on January 15

January 19, 2021:  The next Director-General of the WTO – USTR Lighthizer’s comments to the Financial Times

January 18, 2021:  Revisiting the need for MFN treatment for sectoral agreements among the willing

January 17, 2021, USTR on January 14, 2021 released its 2020 report to Congress on China’s WTO compliance

January 16, 2020:  Request for the establishment of a WTO panel by Hong Kong, China contesting the U.S. origin marking requirement

January 15, 2021:  USTR releases report from Section 301 investigation on Vietnam’s currency valuation

January 15, 2021:  Continued surge of COVID-19 cases results in extended restrictions in many countries affecting trade and economic growth

January 15, 2021:  U.S. Section 301 investigations on digital services taxes by trading partners – USTR releases additional reports on January 14, 2021

January 14, 2021: First dispute settlement cases of 2021 at the WTO — Costa Rica requests consultations with Panama for various restrictions on agricultural products viewed as violating SPS obligations and more; EU requests establishment of a panel to address its concerns with Indonesia’s export restrictions on inputs for stainless steel

January 13, 2021:  U.S. trade policy under a Biden Administration and a Democratically-controlled Congress — how will a search for social justice and more equitable distribution of benefits affect trade laws and negotiations?

January 10, 2021:  U.S. Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley requests an investigation into foreign government censorship and how such censorship may adversely impact U.S. businesses and citizens – a focus on China but broader in reach

January 9, 2021: U.S.-China Phase 1 Trade Agreement — Data through November 2020; China has increased purchases of agricultural and energy products above 2017 levels but will not reach first year agreed purchases in 2020 whether measured on a calendar basis or on a March 2020-February 2021 basis

January 8, 2021:  U.S. Section 301 investigations on digital service taxes by trading partners – an update

January 5, 2021:  Global economic rebound in 2021 will be affected by rate of vaccinations against COVID-19 – World Bank’s January 5, 2021 release of its World Economic Prospects report

January 3, 2021:  2021 – how quickly will COVID-19 vaccines bring the pandemic under control?

December 31, 2020:  WTO Dispute Settlement – Airbus-Boeing disputes have provided an additional end-of-year complication

December 30, 2020: European Union and China announce Comprehensive Agreement on Investment

December 29, 2020:  Are “level the playing field” provisions of the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement a harbinger of possible reforms at the WTO?

December 28, 2020:  The December 24, 2020 trade and other agreements between the European Union and the United Kingdom — the price and rewards of Brexit

December 26, 2020:  U.S. proposed draft Ministerial Decision – making weak or unenforced environmental standards potentially countervailable

December 23, 2020:  In last two weeks, United States adds more than three million new confirmed COVID-19 cases; world approaches nine million new cases; first vaccines start to ship in United Kingdom, Canada, Bahrain, United States and shortly in the European Union; hope for a better 2021

December 22, 2020:  China’s trade war with Australia – unwarranted and at odds with China’s portrayal of itself as a strong supporter of the WTO

December 21, 2020:  Vietnam and Switzerland found to be “currency manipulators” in latest U.S. Treasury semiannual report

December 18, 2020:  The WTO ends the year with General Council and Dispute Settlement Body meetings

December 16, 2020:  The fisheries subsidies negotiations – U.S. comments from December 2 meeting add clarity to the inability to achieve an agreement and the lack of “like-mindedness” among Members

December 15, 2020:  The fisheries subsidies negotiations – failure by WTO Members to deliver an agreement by the end of 2020

December 14, 2020:  WTO December 14th Heads of Delegation meeting – parting comments of U.S. Ambassador Dennis Shea

December 13, 2020:  As first COVID-19 vaccine starts to be shipped to the United Kingdom, Canada, Bahrain and the United States, the number of new cases reaches another record over the last fourteen days

December 12, 2020:  The Incoming Biden Administration and International Trade – Katherine Tai, nominee for U.S. Trade Representative

December 11, 2020:  Council for Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights meeting of December 10, 2020 – no resolution on proposed waiver of TRIPS obligations to address the pandemic

December 10, 2020:  U.S.-China Phase I Trade Agreement – data through October 2020; while China has increased purchases of agricultural and some other products, China remains far behind on the agreed purchases in 2020 whether measured on a calendar basis or on a March 2020-February 2021 basis

December 8, 2020:  Trade for Peace Week at the WTO – a positive look at how trade can and should contribute to global peace and stability

December 7, 2020:  WTO Government Procurement – proposed action by the United States to modify obligations of the central government on medicines and medical goods contained in Annex 1

December 6, 2020:  Upcoming December 11th Council for Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights meeting – reaction to proposed waiver from TRIPS obligations to address COVID-19

December 5, 2020:  As United States continues to set new records in COVID-19 cases, deaths, and hospitalizations, United States accounts for more than 30% of new cases in last 14 days

December 4, 2020:  Farewell remarks of WTO AB member Prof. Dr. Hong Zhao, November 30, 2020

December 2, 2020:  The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission 2020 annual report – recommendations to the U.S. Congress

November 30, 2020:  WTO accessions – perhaps the most valuable benefit for Members in the first 25 years of the WTO’s existence

November 29, 2020:  World COVID-19 pandemic peaks on November 26 and starts to slowly recede

November 27, 2020:  The Ottawa Group’s November 23 communication and draft elements of a trade and health initiative

November 24, 2020:  Responding to a comment received on yesterday’s post, WTO subsidy disciplines – an update and coordination across areas is long overdue

November 23, 2020:  WTO subsidy disciplines – an update and coordination across areas is long overdue

November 23, 2020:  G20 Leaders’ Declaration, 22 November 2020

November 22, 2020:  DDG Wolff’s comments to G20 on immediate challenges for trade to address economic rebound from the pandemic and for WTO reform

November 19, 2020:  The WTO selection process for the next Director-General – possible steps that can be taken in the coming weeks

November 19, 2020:  United States becomes only country to have more than 2,000,000 new COVID-19 cases in fourteen days

November 17, 2020:  WTO initiatives on trade and the environment — likely to receive a warm welcome under a Biden Administration

November 17, 2020:  New COVID-19 cases over a fourteen day period continue to soar past eight million, up from five million on October 22

November 16, 2020:  Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership signed on November 15, 2020

November 15, 2020:  COVID-19 pandemic continues to spin out of control globally; U.S. becomes first country to record more than one million new cases in a week

November 13, 2020:  U.S.-China Phase 1 trade agreement – Data through September 2020; USDA and USTR report on agriculture portion

November 10, 2020:  U.S. becomes first country to exceed 100,000 new COVID-19 cases/day for a fourteen day period

November 10, 2020:  The values of the WTO – do Members and the final Director-General candidates endorse all of them?

November 7, 2020:  New COVID-19 cases over a fourteen day period continue to soar from five million on October 22 to six million on October 30 to seven million on November 7

November 6, 2020:  Postponement of WTO General Council meeting to consider recommendation of Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala as next Director-General

November 5, 2020:  Revision to draft fisheries subsidies text presented by Chair of the Negotiating Group on Rules at November 2 informal open-ended meeting

November 4, 2020:  WTO reports a 30% decline in commercial services trade in 2nd quarter of 2020 – travel challenges through September will continue to put downward pressure on commercial services trade

November 3, 2020:  Hong Kong requests consultations with the United States on the change in origin marking requirements for goods from Hong Kong

November 2, 2020:  India and South Africa seek waiver from WTO intellectual property obligations to add COVID-19 – issues presented

November 1, 2020:  United States becomes second country to have more than 1,000,000 new COVID-19 cases in fourteen days

October 30, 2020:  In last eight days, the number of global new COVID-19 cases over past fourteen days has grown from five to six million

October 29, 2020:  WTO press release from informal Heads of Delegation meeting on October 28 and Amb. Walker’s statement to the WTO membership on the outcome of the third round of consultations in the Director-General selection process

October 29, 2020:  October 29th video discussion on WTO Director-General selection process following the announcement of results of third round of consultations and U.S. announcement of not backing the candidate with the greatest support

October 29, 2020:  U.S. support for Minister Yoo for WTO Director-General premised on need for person with trade expertise

October 28, 2020:  WTO Director-General selection process doesn’t generate immediate consensus

October 27, 2020:  WTO Dispute Settlement Body meeting of October 26, 2020 – no movement on Appellate Body impasse; U.S. appeals panel report on its imposition of tariffs on Chinese goods

October 26, 2020:  WTO Director-General selection – press reports EU, Japan join those supporting Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala of Nigeria

October 26, 2020:  As November approaches Europe and the United States facing rapidly growing new COVID-19 cases

October 23, 2020:  China’s trade-restrictive actions against Australia – what they say about China’s compliance with notification requirements and the importance of market-economy conditions in global trade

October 22, 2020:  COVID-19 new cases over last 14 days pass 5,000,000 for first time on October 22

October 20, 2020:  Third Round of Consultations in Selecting New WTO Director-General – eight days to go, political outreach continues at high level

October 18, 2020:  Reform at the WTO – fundamental divisions continue on key issues for U.S.

October 15, 2020:  WTO remaining candidates for the Director-General position – questions and answers from the July 15 and 16 meetings with the General Council

October 14, 2020:  The effect of COVID-19 on the operation of WTO dispute settlement panels – Australia and others raise at September 28 Dispute Settlement Body meeting

October 13, 2020:  It is time for the U.S. and EU to resolve the longstanding disputes on subsidies to Airbus and Boeing

October 12, 2020:  U.S. commences two investigations into Vietnam under Sec. 301 of the Trade Act of 1974, as amended – on currency and on use of illegally harvested timber

October 11, 2020:  World COVID-19 pandemic continues to spin out of control – more than 4.3 million new cases in last two weeks

October 10, 2020:  U.S.-China Phase I Trade Agreement – first six months data on U.S. exports (March-August 2020) covered by the purchase commitments show China needing to triple purchases in next six months to meet first year commitments

October 9, 2020:  October 8th video discussion on WTO Director-General selection process following the announcement of two finalists

October 8, 2020:  Informal Heads of Delegation meeting at WTO confirms Nigerian and Korean candidates advance to third (final) round of consultations in selection of next Director-General

October 7, 2020:  Nigerian and Korean candidates advance to final round of consultations to become next WTO Director-General

October 6, 2020:  Selection of WTO Director-General – second round of consultations ends today, October 6

October 4, 2020:  Press article indicates EU members will likely support Nigeria’s Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and Korea’s Yoo Myung-hee on Monday in second round of consultations for next WTO Director-General [Updated October 5, 2020]

October 1, 2020:  Thoughts on the Geneva Trade Week session entitled “WTO Dispute Settlement – Where Do We Stand?”

September 29, 2020:  An environmental read on the five candidates for the WTO Director-General slot

September 27, 2020:  In last two weeks global COVID-19 cases increased by more than 4.1 million as virus continues to spin out of control

September 27, 2020:  Korean trade minister travels to Europe to push her WTO candidacy; Moldova candidate endorses Kenyan candidate

September 26, 2020:  Additional materials on three of the remaining five candidates for WTO Director-General post

September 25, 2020:  Video discussion on WTO Director-General selection process

September 24, 2020:  WTO Director-General selection – block voting likely to ensure next Director-General is a female

September 22, 2020:  G20 Trade and Investment Ministerial Communique, 22 September 2020

September 22, 2020:  WTO reform – a push by the Secretariat for engagement by the Members; articulation of EU priorities

September 21, 2020:  OECD data on services trade and latest UNWTO World Tourism Barometer – continued drag of travel and tourism on global trade

September 20, 2020:  WTO Director-General selection process – what do results from first round of consultations suggest are key criteria for WTO Members in next Director-General?

September 18, 2020:  Trade elements of EC President von der Leyen’s State of the Union address at the European Parliament plenary on 16 September 2020

September 18, 2020:  Race for becoming the next Director-General of the WTO – five candidates advance; three are asked to withdraw

September 16, 2020:  WTO Chairman of the General Council to Announce Outcome of First Round of Consultations on the Candidates for Director-General this Friday 18 September 2020

September 16, 2020:  WTO panel decision in United States – Tariff Measures on Certain Goods from China increases the need for comprehensive WTO reform

September 15, 2020:  The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s 2020 Goalkeepers Report, COVID-19 A Global Perspective is a reminder of the critical importance of global collaboration

September 13, 2020:  COVID-19 cases increase in last two weeks, setting new global record for new cases in fourteen day period

September 12, 2020:  U.S.-China Phase I Trade Agreement – How is China Doing to Meet Purchase Commitments for the First Year; a Review of U.S. Domestic Exports through July 2020

September 9, 2020:  Making the WTO relevant to businesses and workers – the example of travel and tourism

September 7, 2020:  Race for WTO Director-General – additional material on The Rt Hon Dr. Liam Fox MP (United Kingdom)

September 6, 2020:  Race for WTO Director-General – additional material on H.E. Mohammad Moziad Al-Tuwaijri (Saudi Arabia)

September 5, 2020:  Race for WTO Director-General – additional material on H.E. Amina C. Mohamed (Kenya)

September 5, 2020:  WTO Director-General candidates – Nigeria’s Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and the United Kingdom’s Dr. Liam Fox generate potential controversy

September 4, 2020:  Race for WTO Director-General – additional material on H.E. Yoo Myung-hee (Republic of Korea)

September 3, 2020:  Race for WTO Director-General – additional material on Amb. Tudor Ulianovschi (Moldova)

September 2, 2020:  Race for WTO Director-General – additional material on Mr. Abdel-Hamid Mamdouh (Egypt)

September 1, 2020:  Race for WTO Director-General – additional material on Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala (Nigeria)

August 31, 2020:  COVID-19 pandemic – loss of work in the first half of 2020 and projections for remainder of the year

August 31, 2020:  Race for WTO Director-General – additional material on Dr. Jesus Seade Kuri (Mexico)

August 30, 2020:  The global number of confirmed COVID-19 cases passes 25 million with more than 843,000 deaths – increased race to lock-up vaccine supplies

August 29, 2020:  WTO Dispute Settlement Body meeting of August 28, 2020 – how disputes are being handled in the absence of reform of the Appellate Body

August 28, 2020:  WTO Secretariat Information Note on COVID-19 and agriculture

August 26, 2020:  Recent Congressional Research Service report, Global Economic Effects of COVID-19

August 24, 2020:  USTR Lighthizer’s Op Ed in the Wall Street Journal – How to Set World Trade Straight

August 23, 2020 [updated August 27]:  The race to become the next WTO Director-General – where the candidates stand on important issues:  fisheries subsidies and e-commerce/digital trade

August 19, 2020 [updated August 27]:  The race to become the next WTO Director-General – where the candidates stand on important issues:  convergence vs. coexistence of different economic systems; possible reform of rules to address distortions from such economic systems – Part 2, comments by the candidates

August 17, 2020:  The race to become the next WTO Director-General – where the candidates stand on important issues:  convergence vs. coexistence of different economic systems; possible reform of rules to address distortions from such economic systems – Part 1, background on issues

August 16, 2020:  Is the world at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic?  Last two weeks suggest a peaking of the growth of global infections may be at hand

August 15, 2020:  Food security and COVID-19 – how World Trade Organization Members could fill a pressing need

August 13, 2020 [updated August 27]:  The race to become the next WTO Director-General – where candidates are on important issues:  eligibility for special and differential treatment/self selection as a developing country

August 10, 2020 [updated August 27]:  The race to become the next WTO Director-General – where candidates are on important issues:  reform of the Appellate Body

August 9, 2020:  USTR Lighthizer on WTO dispute settlement – answers to Congressional questions from June 17 hearings

August 8, 2020:  U.S.-China Phase 1 trade agreement – review of U.S. domestic exports through June 2020

August 5, 2020:  COVID-19 – adverse effects on gender equality and trade’s role in limiting the adverse effects on women

August 4, 2020:  U.S. Senate Finance Committee hearing on WTO reform:  Making Global Rules Work for Global Challenges

August 3, 2020:  World Health Organization July 31 meeting of Emergency Committee regarding the outbreak of coronavirus disease and July 30 note on public health considerations while resuming international travel

August 2, 2020:  Review of the COVID-19 pandemic – continued growth in cases and deaths, resurgence in some countries where COVID-19 had receded

July 31, 2020:  WTO selection of next Director-General – phase three process; no acting Director-General chosen

July 30, 2020:  Selecting an acting Director-General for the World Trade Organization – the road forward

July 29, 2020:  Selecting the next WTO Director-General – process for phase three and selection of acting Director-General may be decided on July 31

July 28, 2020:  APEC trade ministers’ virtual meeting on July 25 – Declaration on Facilitating the Movement of Essential Goods during COVID-19

July 27, 2020:  Pascal Lamy’s recent comments on the challenges facing the WTO

July 25, 2020:  A new WTO without China?  The July 20, 2020 Les Echos opinion piece by Mogens Peter Carl, a former EC Director General for Trade and then Environment

July 24, 2020:  WTO Director-General’s farewell address to the General Council while Members can’t agree on an acting Director-General

July 23, 2020:  Trade’s role in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals

July 21, 2020:  COVID-19 – the United States continues to spin out of control, with increasing shortages of medical goods; sharp increases in developing countries in the Americas and parts of Asia

July 19, 2020:  The eight candidates for WTO Director-General meet the General Council – recap of prepared statements and press conferences

July 14, 2020:  WTO Director-General selection process – this week candidates meet WTO Members in a General Council Meeting

July 12, 2020:  WTO Appellate Body reform – revisiting thoughts on how to address U.S. concerns

July 11, 2020:  WTO Director-General selection process – next steps

July 10, 2020:  U.S.-China Phase 1 Trade Agreement – limited progress on increased U.S. exports to China (through May)

July 8, 2020:  Saudi Arabia nominates Mohammad Maziad Al-Tuwaijri as candidate for WTO Director-General

July 8, 2020:  United Kingdom press release on Liam Fox’s nomination as candidate for WTO Director-General

July 8, 2020:  Liam Fox of the United Kingdom to be nominated by UK for post of WTO Director-General

July 7, 2020:  WTO Director-General nominations – Kenya puts forward Amb. Amina C. Mohamed as a candidate

July 7, 2020:  Who will be the next WTO Director-General? Nominating period closes in one day

July 5, 2020:  COVID-19 – the sharp expansion of new cases will put increased pressure on finding vaccines and therapeutics and complicate global economic recovery


July 2, 2020:  WTO Dispute Settlement – how to handle allegations that an Appellate Body member is affiliated with a government and hence not properly an Appellate Body member

July 1, 2020:  COVID-19 — EU move to permit some international trade in addition to intra-EU travel, effects on tourism

June 29, 2020:  WTO Dispute Settlement – With Appellate Body currently non-operational, AB Secretariat personnel have been shifted to other divisions

June 29, 2020:  EC Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan withdraws his name from consideration for WTO Director-General

June 29, 2020:  Update on fisheries subsidies draft consolidated text from June 25

June 27, 2020:  Chair of Rules Negotiating Group releases draft consolidated fisheries subsidies text at informal meeting on June 25

June 25, 2020:  Will the EC Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan be nominated by Ireland for the WTO Director-General position?

June 24, 2020:  WTO receives Republic of Korea’s nomination of Minister Yoo Myung-hee for Director-General

June 23, 2020:  Republic of Korea to nominate Minister for Trade Yoo Myung-hee as candidate for WTO Director-General post

June 22, 2020:  Candidates for the next Director-General of the WTO – four and counting, an update

June 22, 2020:  COVID-19 – the global rate of increase of confirmed cases is surging

June 20, 2020: WTO possible actions to facilitate recovery from COVID-19 – the Ottawa Group’s June 16 communication

June 18, 2020:  U.S. approach to trade – USTR Lighthizer’s Foreign Affairs article and Congressional testimony on June 17

June 16, 2020:  Qatar’s WTO Dispute with Saudi Arabia – Panel Report Released on June 16, 2020

June 16, 2020:  WTO Search for a New Director-General — Moldova’s Tudor Ulianovschi is the Fourth Candidate Put Forward

June 13, 2020:  Recent World Bank and OECD Forecasts Show Deeper 2020 Economic Contraction, Need for Increased Global Cooperation

June 10, 2020:  WTO Appellate Body Reports on Australia’s Plain Packaging of Tobacco Products – Separate Views of One Division Member Merit Close Review

June 9, 2020:  WTO Appellate Issues Reports on Australia’s Plain Packaging Requirements on Tobacco Products – Last Reports Until WTO Appellate Body Reform Occurs

June 9, 2020:  WTO Director-General Selection Process – 3rd Nomination, Egypt Nominates Abdel-Hamid Mamdouh

June 9, 2020:  WTO Director-General Selection Process – 2nd Nomination, Nigeria’s Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Received on June 9

June 8, 2020:  Selecting a new WTO Director-General – “the game is afoot”; Mexico’s Jesus Seade Kuri is the first nominee

June 7, 2020:  COVID-19 – continued global growth of cases; shift continues to Latin America, parts of Asia and the Middle East

June 5, 2020:  U.S.-China Phase I Deal is Failing Expanded U.S. Exports Even Before Recent Efforts by China to Limit Certain U.S. Agriculture Exports as Retaliation for U.S. Position on Hong Kong

June 3, 2020:  Digital Services Taxes – New U.S. Section 301 Investigations on Nine Countries and the European Union

May 27, 2020: The future of the WTO — restoring relevance

May 25, 2020:  COVID-19 – new hot spots amidst continued growing number of confirmed cases

May 22, 2020:  Continued stress in U.S.-China relations — reduced cooperation in multilateral fora

May 19, 2020:  WTO selection of a new Director-General – one individual from a developed country previously reviewed could shorten the process

May 17, 2020:  G20 Trade and Investment Ministerial Meeting – Meaningful Help for COVID-19 Response and WTO Reform?

May 15, 2020:  World Trade Organization – Search for a new Director-General

May 12, 2020:  U.S.-China Phase I Agreement – some progress on structural changes; far behind on trade in goods and services

May 11, 2020:  The COVID-19 pandemic – an update on shifting patterns of infections and implications for medical goods needs

May 7, 2020:  COVID-19 – U.S. International Trade Commission report on U.S. imports and tariffs on COVID-19 related goods

May 6, 2020:  COVID-19 – the race for diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines and availability for all

May 6, 2020:  Update on food security amidst COVID-19 pandemic

May 3, 2020: Update on the collapse of travel and tourism in response to COVID-19

May 1, 2020: Food security – how will COVID-19 infections at meat processing plants affect?

April 30, 2020: The collapse of tourism during the COVID-19 pandemic

April 28, 2020: Shifting Trade Needs During the COVID-19 Pandemic

April 26, 2020: Oil and gas sector suffers declining demand, collapsing prices, expanded state involvement – skewed economic results damage much of the global economy

April 23, 2020: Food Security Complications from COVID-19 – Recent UN Information and G20 and WTO Member Statements

April 20, 2020: WTO dispute settlement in 2020 – forward movement or further crisis?

April 17, 2020: COVID-19 – G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors April 15, 2020 Communique and G20 Action Plan

April 15, 2020: Transparency on trade actions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic

April 13, 2020: COVID-19 – OECD first policy brief on trade issues related to the pandemic

April 10, 2020: WTO and the challenges of scarcity – are there lessons from COVID-19?

April 6, 2020: COVID-19 – WTO report on medical goods; FAO report on food security

April 2, 2020: COVID-19, Recommendations from the ICC and from Global Services Coalition

April 1, 2020: Food security – export restraints and border controls during the COVID-19 pandemic

March 31, 2020: COVID-19 and the G20 Response

March 28, 2020: March 27, 2020 Agreement on Interim Arbitration Process by EU and 15 other WTO Members to Handle Appeals While Appellate Body is Not Operational

March 26, 2020: Export restraints vs. trade liberalization during a global pandemic – the reality so far with COVID-19

March 22, 2020: Coronavirus (COVID-19) and trade, how bad will declines get?

March 18, 2020: Trade liberalization with Africa – notice of intent from US to start negotiations with Kenya

March 14, 2020: China in the WTO – The U.S. View of China’s Compliance With Its Obligations

March 7, 2020: Impasse on the WTO Appellate Body – Any Progress Likely by the 12th Ministerial?

March 7, 2020: WTO Reform – U.S. Objectives from 2020 Trade Policy Agenda

February 28, 2020: Agriculture Reform and Liberalization – What is Likely for the WTO’s 12th Ministerial this June?

February 23, 2020: Potential U.S.-U.K. Free Trade Agreement – Potential Upside issues for the United States

February 22, 2020: Trade between the United States and the European Union – What Will 2020 Bring?

February 22, 2020: WTO Reform – Addressing The Disconnect Between Market and Non-Market Economies

February 15, 2020: The U.S. Modifies the List of Developing and Least Developed Countries Under U.S. Countervailing Duty Law

February 14, 2020: USTR’s Report on the WTO Appellate Body – An Impressive Critique of the Appellate Body’s Deviation from Its Proper Role

February 10, 2020: U.S. modifies its regulations to provide path for countervailing undervalued currencies in certain circumstances

February 6, 2020: Counterfeit and Contraband Goods – Issuance of A Presidential Executive Order on January 31, 2020

January 30, 2020: Brexit takes place at 11 p.m. London time on January 31, 2020

January 30, 2020: WTO Appellate Body Impasse – How and Why

January 28, 2020: U.S. Additional Tariffs on Imports of Steel and Aluminum “Derivative” Products – Presidential Proclamation 9980

January 25, 2020: WTO Dispute Settlement – January 24, 2020 Statement by Ministers at Davos, Switzerland on Interim Appeal Arrangement Amongst Certain Major Countries

January 23, 2020: WTO Reform – Developments from Davos and What Might Be on U.S. Agenda

January 19, 2020: U.S.-China Phase 1 Agreement – Details on the Expanding Trade Chapter

January 15, 2020: U.S.-China Phase 1 Trade Agreement Signed on January 15 – An Impressive Agreement if Enforced

January 14, 2020: WTO Reform – Joint Statement of January 14, 2020 of Japan, the U.S. and the EU

January 13, 2020: Fisheries Subsidies – Will the WTO Members Reach Agreement Before June 2020?

January 6, 2020: U.S.-China Phase 1 Agreement – What to Look for When the Agreement is Released on January 15, 2020 after the signing

January 4, 2020: Presidential Proclamation 9974 of December 26, 2019 – contains changes to countries eligible for aspects of Africa Growth and Opportunity Act, implements U.S. duty reduction commitments from U.S.-Japan trade agreement and other matters

January 2, 2020: U.S.-China Phase 1 Agreement; Opportunities and Challenges for U.S. Agriculture

December 28, 2019: WTO Reform – Will Limits on Who Enjoys Special and Differential Treatment Be Achieved?

December 19, 2019: European Union Moves to Authorize Retaliation in Disputes Where There is No Alternative to the Appellate Body Pursued

December 10, 2019: Revisions to the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement Gains Support of Labor and House Democrats

December 10, 2019: U.S.-Japan Trade Agreements to Go Into Effect on January 1, 2020

December 7, 2019: The WTO Dispute Settlement System – Closing Out 2019 and Implications for 2020

December 2, 2019: Additional Meetings of the WTO Dispute Settlement Body and Budget, Finance and Administration Committee set for December 3 and 5 in search of Resolution of Outstanding Issues.

November 30, 2019: The WTO Budget – Will There Be a Resolution in December?

November 24, 2019: With the WTO Appellate Body Becoming Dysfunctional on December 11, What Happens to Pending Appeals and Other Open Issues?

November 17, 2019: The WTO budget and the Appellate Body – Potential Fireworks at the end of 2019

November 16, 2019: USMCA – A Return to Bipartisan Trade Legislation?

November 12, 2019: The Continued Problem of Inconsistent Transparency at the World Trade Organization

November 12, 2019: Background Materials on WTO Appellate Body Reform Challenges – The Critical Issue of “Overreach”

November 9, 2019: The U.S. Trade Deficit – Data for First Thirty-Three Months of the Trump Administration (2017-Sept. 2019)

November 4, 2019: WTO’s Appellate Body Reform – The Draft General Council Decision on Functioning of the Appellate Body

November 1, 2019: The October 28, 2019 WTO Dispute Settlement Body Meeting – Another Systemic Problem Flagged by the United States

October 26, 2019: Two Initial U.S. Trade Agreements with Japan – What They Cover and What Will Follow

October 13, 2019: U.S.-China Trade – Some Possible Progress Announced on October 11, But a Long Road Ahead?

October 9, 2019: The World Trade Organization in Crisis – the Last Two Months of the Appellate Body Absent Reform Is Just One Example