Table of Contents

May 25, 2020:  COVID-19 – new hot spots amidst continued growing number of confirmed cases

May 22, 2020:  Continued stress in U.S.-China relations — reduced cooperation in multilateral fora

May 19, 2020:  WTO selection of a new Director-General – one individual from a developed country previously reviewed could shorten the process

May 17, 2020:  G20 Trade and Investment Ministerial Meeting – Meaningful Help for COVID-19 Response and WTO Reform?

May 15, 2020:  World Trade Organization – Search for a new Director-General

May 12, 2020:  U.S.-China Phase I Agreement – some progress on structural changes; far behind on trade in goods and services

May 11, 2020:  The COVID-19 pandemic – an update on shifting patterns of infections and implications for medical goods needs

May 7, 2020:  COVID-19 – U.S. International Trade Commission report on U.S. imports and tariffs on COVID-19 related goods

May 6, 2020:  COVID-19 – the race for diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines and availability for all

May 6, 2020:  Update on food security amidst COVID-19 pandemic

May 3, 2020: Update on the collapse of travel and tourism in response to COVID-19

May 1, 2020: Food security – how will COVID-19 infections at meat processing plants affect?

April 30, 2020: The collapse of tourism during the COVID-19 pandemic

April 28, 2020: Shifting Trade Needs During the COVID-19 Pandemic

April 26, 2020: Oil and gas sector suffers declining demand, collapsing prices, expanded state involvement – skewed economic results damage much of the global economy

April 23, 2020: Food Security Complications from COVID-19 – Recent UN Information and G20 and WTO Member Statements

April 20, 2020: WTO dispute settlement in 2020 – forward movement or further crisis?

April 17, 2020: COVID-19 – G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors April 15, 2020 Communique and G20 Action Plan

April 15, 2020: Transparency on trade actions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic

April 13, 2020: COVID-19 – OECD first policy brief on trade issues related to the pandemic

April 10, 2020: WTO and the challenges of scarcity – are there lessons from COVID-19?

April 6, 2020: COVID-19 – WTO report on medical goods; FAO report on food security

April 2, 2020: COVID-19, Recommendations from the ICC and from Global Services Coalition

April 1, 2020: Food security – export restraints and border controls during the COVID-19 pandemic

March 31, 2020: COVID-19 and the G20 Response

March 28, 2020: March 27, 2020 Agreement on Interim Arbitration Process by EU and 15 other WTO Members to Handle Appeals While Appellate Body is Not Operational

March 26, 2020: Export restraints vs. trade liberalization during a global pandemic – the reality so far with COVID-19

March 22, 2020: Coronavirus (COVID-19) and trade, how bad will declines get?

March 18, 2020: Trade liberalization with Africa – notice of intent from US to start negotiations with Kenya

March 14, 2020: China in the WTO – The U.S. View of China’s Compliance With Its Obligations

March 7, 2020: Impasse on the WTO Appellate Body – Any Progress Likely by the 12th Ministerial?

March 7, 2020: WTO Reform – U.S. Objectives from 2020 Trade Policy Agenda

February 28, 2020: Agriculture Reform and Liberalization – What is Likely for the WTO’s 12th Ministerial this June?

February 23, 2020: Potential U.S.-U.K. Free Trade Agreement – Potential Upside issues for the United States

February 22, 2020: Trade between the United States and the European Union – What Will 2020 Bring?

February 22, 2020: WTO Reform – Addressing The Disconnect Between Market and Non-Market Economies

February 15, 2020: The U.S. Modifies the List of Developing and Least Developed Countries Under U.S. Countervailing Duty Law

February 14, 2020: USTR’s Report on the WTO Appellate Body – An Impressive Critique of the Appellate Body’s Deviation from Its Proper Role

February 10, 2020: U.S. modifies its regulations to provide path for countervailing undervalued currencies in certain circumstances

February 6, 2020: Counterfeit and Contraband Goods – Issuance of A Presidential Executive Order on January 31, 2020

January 30, 2020: Brexit takes place at 11 p.m. London time on January 31, 2020

January 30, 2020: WTO Appellate Body Impasse – How and Why

January 28, 2020: U.S. Additional Tariffs on Imports of Steel and Aluminum “Derivative” Products – Presidential Proclamation 9980

January 25, 2020: WTO Dispute Settlement – January 24, 2020 Statement by Ministers at Davos, Switzerland on Interim Appeal Arrangement Amongst Certain Major Countries

January 23, 2020: WTO Reform – Developments from Davos and What Might Be on U.S. Agenda

January 19, 2020: U.S.-China Phase 1 Agreement – Details on the Expanding Trade Chapter

January 15, 2020: U.S.-China Phase 1 Trade Agreement Signed on January 15 – An Impressive Agreement if Enforced

January 14, 2020: WTO Reform – Joint Statement of January 14, 2020 of Japan, the U.S. and the EU

January 13, 2020: Fisheries Subsidies – Will the WTO Members Reach Agreement Before June 2020?

January 6, 2020: U.S.-China Phase 1 Agreement – What to Look for When the Agreement is Released on January 15, 2020 after the signing

January 4, 2020: Presidential Proclamation 9974 of December 26, 2019 – contains changes to countries eligible for aspects of Africa Growth and Opportunity Act, implements U.S. duty reduction commitments from U.S.-Japan trade agreement and other matters

January 2, 2020: U.S.-China Phase 1 Agreement; Opportunities and Challenges for U.S. Agriculture

December 28, 2019: WTO Reform – Will Limits on Who Enjoys Special and Differential Treatment Be Achieved?

December 19, 2019: European Union Moves to Authorize Retaliation in Disputes Where There is No Alternative to the Appellate Body Pursued

December 10, 2019: Revisions to the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement Gains Support of Labor and House Democrats

December 10, 2019: U.S.-Japan Trade Agreements to Go Into Effect on January 1, 2020

December 7, 2019: The WTO Dispute Settlement System – Closing Out 2019 and Implications for 2020

December 2, 2019: Additional Meetings of the WTO Dispute Settlement Body and Budget, Finance and Administration Committee set for December 3 and 5 in search of Resolution of Outstanding Issues.

November 30, 2019: The WTO Budget – Will There Be a Resolution in December?

November 24, 2019: With the WTO Appellate Body Becoming Dysfunctional on December 11, What Happens to Pending Appeals and Other Open Issues?

November 17, 2019: The WTO budget and the Appellate Body – Potential Fireworks at the end of 2019

November 16, 2019: USMCA – A Return to Bipartisan Trade Legislation?

November 12, 2019: The Continued Problem of Inconsistent Transparency at the World Trade Organization

November 12, 2019: Background Materials on WTO Appellate Body Reform Challenges – The Critical Issue of “Overreach”

November 9, 2019: The U.S. Trade Deficit – Data for First Thirty-Three Months of the Trump Administration (2017-Sept. 2019)

November 4, 2019: WTO’s Appellate Body Reform – The Draft General Council Decision on Functioning of the Appellate Body

November 1, 2019: The October 28, 2019 WTO Dispute Settlement Body Meeting – Another Systemic Problem Flagged by the United States

October 26, 2019: Two Initial U.S. Trade Agreements with Japan – What They Cover and What Will Follow

October 13, 2019: U.S.-China Trade – Some Possible Progress Announced on October 11, But a Long Road Ahead?

October 9, 2019: The World Trade Organization in Crisis – the Last Two Months of the Appellate Body Absent Reform Is Just One Example

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